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Q: What level should I sign my team up for? 

A: The general competition classifcations are as follows based on your USA Hockey Tier or League Placement: 

General Competition Levels:
(A = Tier II, Valley AAA, SSC A, SNEHC Smythe)
(B = Tier III, Valley AAA/AA, SSC B, SNEHC Wales)
(C = Tier IV, Valley AA/A, SSC B2, SNEHC Wales / SNEHC Norris)
(D = Tier IV / V, Rec, Valley A, SSC B2, SNEHC Norris)

Q: Is this a USA Hockey Sanctioned Tournament? 

Yes, this is both a USA Hockey Sanctioned Tournament and a Mass Hockey Sanctioned Tournament. 


Q: How do you work out schedules for the tournament?

A: We reach out to every team participating in the tournament to ask for preferred dates and time blocks for their tournament schedule. Since the VHL, SSC and SNEHC all schedule games throughout February Vacation, we also review your league schedule to ensure there are no conflicts. We have found the ability of being able to schedule across an entire week, gives us great flexibility to meet your team's needs. 

Q: We are bringing a team from out of town to the tournament. Can you schedule me on a weekend?

A: While we cannot guarantee specific times or dates, we do our best to accommodate out of town teams with at least two round-robin games in or around the weekend. This way your team can enjoy staying at a local hotel, and have team events planned around the weekend.  

Q: When are schedules released?

A: Schedules are released 7-10 days before the tournament begins. 

Q: When are the Championship Games

A: Finals are held on Championship Friday. (February 21st) 


Q: Where are games played?

A: Games are played at Veterans Memorial Rink in Waltham, and the John A. Ryan Rink (The JAR) in Watertown. Both rinks are conveniently located within short driving distance of each other. 

Q: How big are divisions? 

A: Typically divisions are made up of 4 teams. Depending on skill level, ice availability, and number of sign ups in a division, divisions may be expanded or combined to 5, 6 or 8 teams. In rare circumstances, we will hold a 3 team division.

Q: How many games are guaranteed?

A: There is a three game guarantee, plus a championship game in each division. In 6 or 8 team divisions, a semi-final / play-in may be added.


Q: How do you ensure that teams are even in a division?

A: Parity is key for a great tournament, we want all teams to feel like they had a competitive experience.  Coaches and managers are expected to place themselves where they feel is more appropriate. Upon registration, we check to ensure a team is registered in an appropriate division. In January, we review all teams that are signed up for the tournament, review their league records and common opponents. If we notice a discrepancy, for example a team was clearly misplaced in their league from when they signed up in September, we will consider moving them to a division that is more in line with their skill level. 


Q: Can I call up players or combine with another team?

 Yes, you may call up players or combine with another team, with a few restrictions:

  1. All players must be registered members of your program.
  2. A USA Hockey Roster or Rosters with your players designated must be submitted to Waltham Youth Hockey no later than February 1st. 
  3. A Tier II / A / "1" player may not be called up with another team. 
  4. Mites are ineligible for full ice play. 
  5. Teams will be placed based on their team composition. For example if an "AA1" and "A1" team are sharing players in a tournament, they will be placed where the "AA1" team would play in the tournament.