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1. Only 1 player/1 chaperone (if any) are allowed in the rink.
2. No siblings.
3. You need to have a sheet with your players and the name of their parent coming in and their contact information (a cell number).  Download the template HERE.
4. Players must get dressed outside of the rink facility.  In the parking lot, at home, etc., - tops and skates only can be put on in the rink.
5. Waltham has a 100% Mark Policy concerning players. Players must always be wearing a mask, both while playing and on the bench.
6. Everyone must have a mask on to get into the rink and keep social distancing.

7. The rink front door will be unlocked roughly 10 minutes before we are to go on to ice - the rink employees will tell you where to get dressed.
8. When the game is over, players put on their sneakers only (the rink DOES NOT want players to change in the rink because they are not letting the next group in until we leave the rink).

Let me know if you have any questions,


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